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What Is Busfreighter.com's Refund Policy? Refund and Customer Service FAQs. In addition to great rates, Busfreighter.com prides itself on exemplary customer service. Keeping reading for answers to some of our other most commonly asked questions about Busfreighter.com's customer service I then emailed Busfreighter in regards to a refund on overpayment for the weight of my shipment. I specifically had to mention my GPX/GLI number. I received a reply in 3-4 hours and was granted a refund which was reflected in my bank account 3 days later. Day 8: Three boxes were already in LA, 3 outbound from Dallas, 4 outbound from Chicago

Indicate Number of items / Longest Dimension (0-20 inches - No Entry Required) 21-26 inches. 27-38 inche 134 reviews of Busfreighter We had to do 2 shipments of 10 boxes when moving cross country. At first all the negative reviews scared me, in the end I'm so glad that I proceeded anyway! All our boxes arrived faster than expected and the condition was just fine. To quote the busfreighter employee I spoke with as long as you pack using common sense like an adult, your stuff will be fine and it. Busfreighter.com is an authorized reseller of GPX services, which use available shipping space on Greyhound's fleet of 1,200 buses that travel to 3,800 locations throughout 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces and deliver 2.2 million packages annually. Busfreighter.com customers have access to discounts on GPX services not otherwise available Anyway when the boxes were weighed they were a little heavier but the guy told me I should get a refund - I had paid $336.69 (seven days - station to station) - the attendant in wilmington - said my total was $220.73 (I later learned the agent busfreighter's fee is the difference. And yet they can't tell me where the boys' 3 boxes are

Review Highlights Also greyhounds price is the price they charge bus freighter not what u owe and if your entitled to a refund you have to email the company requesting it. in 2 reviews Then we wrapped the Gorilla tape around both sides of the boxes, then the handles, then wrapped the entire thing in the packaging tape. in 2 review Refunds must be applied for by the customer within 90 days from the date of shipment. No refunds of shipping charges will be made for Standard service level. If shipment is lost or damaged, reimbursement must be requested through the claims process

In return for the signed form that we are fully satisfied with greyhound/package express/busfreighter and have no issues with them. Probably just the packaging of these 4 boxes was worth more than. 136 reviews of Busfreighter We had to do 2 shipments of 10 boxes when moving cross country. At first all the negative reviews scared me, in the end I'm so glad that I proceeded anyway! All our boxes arrived faster than expected and the condition was just fine. To quote the busfreighter employee I spoke with as long as you pack using common sense like an adult, your stuff will be fine and it.


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  1. If you will need to ship your boxes across states, Here are the cheapest ways to ship your large boxes to another state. Keep reading
  2. Greyhound Package Express. 1313 National Ave, San Diego, CA 92101. (619) 515-1102. Claim this business
  3. Busfreighter scam. I tried the busfreight.com website and got a rate online instantly but when I checked my credit card statement, they charged me an extra $85 dollars. for you. the people are uneducated and are being paid to sit around talk on the phone and be rude. i am trying to get a refund for a trip and know it is going to be a battle
  4. I used Busfreighter, a 3rd party who uses greyhound package express, paid station to door for 10... Read more Operational for more than 90 years, Greyhound PackageXpress offers same- and next-day delivery solutions
  5. i recently moved from california to connecticut, and as someone who's recently unemployed due to the pandemic, i was looking for the cheapest way to do so and found greyhound. i


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  2. Using technology to leverage existing logistics networks, we have built the first luggage shipping platform that is easy and affordable for everyone. LugLess finds you the cheapest luggage shipping rates and then lets you choose what options you need, like doorstep pickup or additional coverage. That way you only pay for the options you use
  3. Busfreighter The Busfreighter business is partnered with Greyhound, offering the same service as the bus company. They're able to offer slightly better prices on shipping, however, with a cost of around 85 cents per pound. The rules for Busfreighter are very similar to Greyhound. The cheapest way to ship boxes with Busfreighter is to drop them.
  4. ALERT. Due to limited transportation availability as a result of COVID-19 impacts, package delivery times may be extended. The majority of our services are sold as a space available transit expectation. Because of this it can take longer to depart origin and transfer locations. Schedule specific priority service continues to be offered for.
  5. Moving cross country via UPS. In five weeks I move across the USA. I want to do as cheaply as possible. I have mostly books. No pets, no car, and no furniture that's worth hauling the 2000 miles. Pods are far more expensive ($2000 to $3500) than I expected. I do not drive, so renting a truck and driving it is out of the question
  6. MRob replied to MRob 's topic in For Sale/Wanted. Hi guys, sorry for the confusion. Yes, it was 650.00 for everything. It was gobbled up FAST! It has been sold, packed and shipped via Greyhound shipping. FYI - if you have large items to ship, Greyhound... September 21, 2019. 15 replies
  7. I did this exact move just over two years ago. We were in a different position to you in that we had furniture so, we used a shipping company. They made it super easy, showed up at our home with a truck and three strong guys to load it. Gave us al..

level 1. AsamonDajin. 7 months ago. Your first instinct is usually the right one. Your family will need you and you're making solid logical decisions. Trust in yourself a bit more. When the time is right, maybe you will be by the ocean again. 6. level 2 Renting a truck or trailer is one of the cheapest ways to move across the country, but it can be a bit more stressful. It involves plenty of planning and physical labor, and there's the risk of accidents. If this method is the best option for you, look at our shipping reviews on U-Haul, Budget, and Penske and Enterprise (11-12-2017, 08:40 PM) BloomingtonMike Wrote: I found a new filter assembly in Ohio for super cheap for my big cyclone. It was about 68x22x22. Seller did not want to ship. Ups rates were $257-$812 and the item was her price $100. So I checked busfreighter.com which brokers greyhound.com shipments and it was $77

UNIT DETAILS: OLYMPIC Vintage Small Record Player Changer Stereo Console Fully Restored - Fully Refinished This console has the **RESTORED** RECORD CHANGER TECHNOLOGY as opposed to most modern turntables, w/only manual and/or *single* play, this Vintedge Co™ restored unit has the MULTI-RECORD play ABILITY that pla Greyhound Lines reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Apr 17, 2007. The latest review Greyhound is trash was posted on Jun 14, 2021. The latest complaint horrible customer service and ridiculous policy was resolved on Jul 13, 2018. Greyhound Lines has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 388 reviews the measurements. length: 60 side to side. width: 16 deep. height: 25. SHIPPING: **GREYHOUND SHIPPING - via - BUSFREIGHTER.COM. Buyer would need to pay them directly in a separate transaction. The Vintedge Co., will have this item professionally packaged for shipping

Greyhound guarantees a full refund, should the delivery not get there on time. Direct Delivery: Another interesting way to save money by shipping items with Greyhound is their BUSFREIGHTER savings program, which can slash up to 50 per cent of your bill, when shipping at least 6 items at a time Purchase online or at a full-service terminal. Contact Information. Main:(800) 231-2222. Hours of Operation. Hours of Operation are subject to change. Please call the Greyhound bus station to verify hours before making travel arrangements. Bus Station: Monday - Sunday REFUND POLICY If you are unhappy with your purchase on something we accidentally missed in the description. Please be sure to contact us within 7 days from receiving the item. The cost is $80.00. b. Busfreighter which will ship by bus. But deliver your package to your door. The cost for this service is a total of $125.00. c. You can arrange. Due to a shortage in shippers and an increase in fuel prices, UShip estimates are extremely high, and running several weeks behind. Because of these current circumstances I am utilizing Greyhound/Busfreighter in the interim. This may require the customer to pick up their furniture from a terminal nearby Pieces shipped via Greyhound Busfreighter will need picked at your local Greyhound station. White glove shipping will be carried inside to the first floor of your residence and will require assistance at the time of delivery. FarmHouse Creations by Ami has a strict no refund, cancellation, return or exchange policy. Please be sure to ask.

The shipping costs start from approx. $96.00 to the local Greyhound station or to the Greyhound station of your preference. Buyer will need to pick it up at the terminal/bus station - or, if available, shipping costs start from $154.00 to your door (please inquire as this may not be available in all areas). WEST COAST shipping rates are higher. Busfreighter/ GPX can take 21-30 days depending upon space and restrictions from the Kung Flu . Please make sure you are 100% confident in purchasing as there are No Refunds or Returns unless you pay the Return Shipping costs Steven T. 07/27/20. I believe I have an idea of what's going on with the many missing packages people have been experiencing. I'll explain my own experience with the service

Busfreighter uses the Greyhound Bus Service and you would pick up the package at the terminal closest to you. Great vintage display as shown. This was made by the Italian Company Pupi Styl. It has great craftsmanship and quality and when plugged it it almost runs silently. Please see the video link We can use Busfreighter.com and have it ride a greyhound bus to your closest terminal (Home Delivery is a option in some areas) Email for a quote 7-15 days processing time. Plycon- Uship blanket wrap shippers we will help you get everything set up Condition is Used. 76 Logo Authentic from a Southern California Service Station. Pictures 8 and 9 are pictures taken of the sign mounted on an actual Southern California Service Station. Upgraded LED lights or added brightness and energy saving, these are the lights that I have retrofitted on many service station locations in California Vintage Tiger Oak Library Card Catalog filing Cabinet converted to coffee table. Inside drawer has brass hardware. Cabinet came without brass label pulls. Original pulls/label tags can be purchased elsewhere. Oak platform was custom made to accommodate this gorgeous cabinet. The cabinet unit has two stackable units plus original top. Other drawer units this size could be added. All drawers. This is a really cute wooden chair with a Windsor back, we believe it was made in England. This vintage chair is in great condition; all legs and pieces are still attached and the chair is very sturdy. There are some chips in the paint and some discoloration in some spots. One of the back legs ha

Beautiful antique sideboard painted black with General Finishes milk paint, then finished with General Finishes flat clear coat and distressed to imperfect perfection. This serpentine sideboard is built to last a lifetime, it's like a tank! The drawers are all made using dovetail joinery, and we'v SHIPPING: Greyhound Package Express with Busfreighter.com you will need to pay them directly separate transaction. We will help set up everything approx $96.00 to a greyhound station near you or $154.00 delivery to your door Mid Century Modern Stereo Console Grundig Majestic Record Changer - AM/FM- Tube Amplifier. This is a great design; stunning visuals and lines plus solid mid century quality that would be a FABULOUS addition to your mid century decor. The record Changer is restored - you can stack many records and it will drop and play them one after another

*** Shipment is via Busfreighter and buyer must be willing to pickup at local Greyhound station. This item is also available for local pickup or I will deliver within 30 miles of Rockville, MD. This item ships only to United States mainland. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing 5. Use Busfreighter To Ship Boxes ($160) Busfreighter will ship your boxes to your new location for as little as $1.19 per pound. According the HuffPost, Busfreighter can shop a full room worth of items from Los Angeles to New York City for about $160. However, you will have to drive your items to the drop off location or they can pick them up. The Busfreighter business is partnered with Greyhound, offering the same service as the bus company. They're able to offer slightly better prices on shipping. The rules for Busfreighter are very similar to Greyhound. The cheapest way to ship boxes with Busfreighter is to drop them off at the Greyhound station unsealed

The wheel has a warp which prevents if from spinning properly, but it still presents very well and is a great decorative piece! Approximate measurements: Height: 3'. Width: 2.5'. Depth: 2'. *** Shipment is via Busfreighter and buyer must be willing to pickup at local Greyhound station. This item is also available for local pickup or I will. MCM CONSOLE- 60's - Mid Century Modern Zenith Stereo Console Record Player - Bluetooth - AM FM. This is a great design; stunning visuals and lines plus solid mid century quality that would be a FABULOUS addition to your mid century decor. The record player is restored - you can stack MANY records and it will drop and play them one after another

Terms and Conditions for Glenn's Radio Attic. General Usage Antique radios can be up to 85 years old and require careful handling. They are not as static free or rugged as their modern transistor relatives, and take time for the tubes to power up 561.251.7170 info@optimaproperties.com . Buyer Agency. Fair Housing Pledge; About Buyer Agency; Buyer Representation - Exclusive Buyer's Agen

Gorgeous antique Eastlake Victorian wall mirror. Perfect for in an entryway, hallway or over a console or pier table. Made of beautiful carved walnut wood with a wood backing. Item is in great antique condition with age appropriate wear This is a one-of-a-kind, vintage, reupholstered settee. It has been completely re-worked, from new foam cushions, re-finished woodwork, new cotton and of course all new upholstery. The inside back has been diamond/button tufted. The inside front and cushions are upholstered in a soft, woven damas Brand: Toyota. This matching pair of Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 OEM jump seats is the long version with one arm rest per seat. All (4) metal support backing plates are in excellent condition w/o a single ding, dent, crease, or deformity. The frame mechanisms are operable as they should be. One mounting bracket pre-drilled flange on each seat's. This bed is a beautiful vintage-style, Cannonball bed. We've painted it using a Black, General Finishes Milk Paint, and used a Satin clear coat to seal the whole thing. Gold leafing has been added to push this bed even further over the top. The bed frame comes with knock-down hardware and a slatte How to Offer Free Shipping Easyship Blog. Details: Free shipping is ubiquitous, with marketers confidently saying that it is the best way to get customers.There are many alluring statistics: 9 out of 10 customers were incentivized to shop online when offered free shipping.; 65% of consumers look up free-shipping thresholds before adding items to their online shopping carts.

Busfreighter.com. United States Postal Service. The UPS Store . PACKAGING. We use local packers like UPS Store for small radios. Larger consoles we may pack or have a local professional service. To ship, we use UPS for tombstone and smaller radios, and Greyhound for shiping large consoles for lower shipping prices, as well as a gentler ride Priority Mail - This is our commonplace method to ship army orders. Average shipping time for APO and FPO orders is 3 to 5 enterprise days. If you detail your return/exchange coverage with care on your web site - and make the Return Policy web page easy for shoppers to search out - the chances of getting a customer service criticism are low

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I've moved 5 times in the last 7 years (at first I was a student moving with roommates, more recently I've moved with my boyfriend) and in the last couple of moves for the first two/three weeks I always get very depressed, and the flaws of the apartment that previously were insignificant or severely outweighed by the good things are the only thing I can think about Comm100 Free is an award-winning customer engagement platform that connects you quickly and easily with your customers on digital channels including live chat, audio & video chat, email, text messaging, Facebook, WhatsApp for Business, and more. Perfect for small businesses If you're traveling far but have a limited amount of stuff (under 250 lbs), the bus might be your cheapest option. Instead of paying hefty shipping fees at the post office, try a service like Busfreighter for rates around 70 cents per pound. Note: This works better for things like clothing and well-packed dishes than it does for furniture 1. Departure ( packing up, moving out, transportation ), 2. Arrival ( rent, security deposit, moving in ), 3. Set-up ( cleaning supplies, unloading, acquiring new furniture, utilities ), 4. Unforeseen ( something breaks, someone cancels ). A good rule of thumb is to plan to spend up to three times your new monthly expenses on a move DoorDash charges $2.99 - $6.99, Uber Eats $0.49 - $3.99, Grubhub $1.99 - $5.99. Other fees - for example, the CA driver benefits is a fee charged by some of the 3rd party delivery companies in California because the driver's payment is higher in CA. Uber Eats charges $2.00, Grubhub charges $2.00 - $4.00 depending on the distance, DoorDash.

EMERSON Mid Century Record Player Changer Stereo Console. Fully Restored - Fully Refinished. This console has a record changer that plays 16, 33, 45 and 78 speeds. am/fm tuner - Bluetooth / Sonos compatible. and will play modern pressed and all vintage albums. AMAZINGLY WARM *Solid State* sound. Transmit from up to 66 feet away with line of sight I sold a ton of stuff because I didn't bring any furniture (the room came with a bed, built in desk with GIANT bookcase over it, and 3 dressers). Small tip for people moving across the country, use BusFreighter to ship your stuff - just no liquid or perishable things. I spent just under $350 to ship 18 boxes of stuff from Milwaukee to San Diego To move cross country is stressful. Period. It's even more of a hassle if you failed to prepare and plan beforehand. You'll be facing an array of decisions, go through the arduous job of packing and unpacking, and travel long miles from your old place to your new destination. Moreover, you need to spend a [ Busfreighter.com DA: 20 PA: 15 MOZ Rank: 46. By e-mailing [email protected] or by calling a busfreighter customer service representative @ 1-214-227-9792 or Greyhound customer service @ 1-800-739-5020; BusFreighter.com provides for full refunds when orders are cancelled prior to shipping (shipment Shipping heavy items with Parcel Monkey . Shipping heavy items doesn't need to cost the earth. If you're looking for the cheapest way to ship 50lbs or more, Parcel Monkey can help you find discounted rates with reputable couriers, like DHL, UPS and USPS.. Our trusted courier partners offer a range of delivery services specifically designed for the efficient transport of heavy or oversized.

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DIY Option # 2: Box & Furniture Shipping Services. Shipping your things is another great DIY moving option, especially if you're traveling light. Shipping prices can fluctuate throughout the year, so it's important to call around and check prices to see if this option will save you money ️bmw parts specialist miami fl. highly appreciated ! we try to the best of our abilities to have all the correct information, but we all make mistakes Busfreighter.com DA: 20 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 80. Learn answers to FAQ's on shipping with Busfreighter.com and Greyhound Package Express such as Busfreighter.com & GPX refund policies and how to contact customer service; Visit www.Busfreighter.com, fill the Instant Quote & Ordering form, buy moving supplies direct from the Message Julie. Description. This Toe-Pincher coffin was built in 2015. Far from a historic reproduction, this interpretive piece borrows from various Gothic art and cultural traditions including Pre-Germanic, and Nordic metal work motifs, Baroque and Romantic architectural details and the Poe-esque macabre with the lock-and-key viewing window

Amazon.com : Duck Brand Stretch Wrap Roll, Clear, 20 inches by 1000 feet, 1 pack, 285850 : Office Product Report on Trains Returning to Northampton. Posted on July 23, 2012 by Pedal Paradise. Hey, Western Mass, the trains are coming back! Beginning late 2014, train service will return to Northampton, MA and Greenfield, MA, when trains heading north from New Haven, CT and Springfield, MA will follow the route of the Connecticut River on up to stops. Fantastic, large carved wooden corbel with a gold gilt finish. Corbel is a corner mount style. Has a large shelf on top for display. Beautiful Neo-Classical, Hollywood Regency style décor item What does Greyhound collect: We collect your name, , password, address, birthdate, phone number, and/or email. We also optionally collect payment information to enable a one-click check out and ask you to optionally provide why you travel, who you travel with and how many times you travel each year

It has a large weaved top made of split wood and rope for placing a planter pot. Top is attached to a wooden tripod base. Stand is very sturdy and strong. Top is a bit out of shape and not perfectly round This matching pair of Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 OEM jump seats is the long version with one arm rest per seat. Seat coverings and padding will require restoration. Local pickup applies TravelBattle Board Game BoardGameGeek. Description from the publisher: TravelBattle is a complete table top miniatures game in a box. It is intended for gamers who have limited space, or those who are traveling on a long journey or holiday and need a gaming fix Condition is Used. ️BMW PARTS SPECIALIST MIAMI FL. Highly appreciated ! WE TRY TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITIES TO HAVE ALL THE CORRECT INFORMATION, BUT WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES