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We have kept and bred many of the mutations of Indian ringneck parrots. From Yellows, blues and greys in 2002 to cleartails and opalines currently available. We have always been attracted to these birds with their immaculate feathering and numerous mutations. This page shows some of the mutations we currently house and breed Opaline is considered as a mutation producing a redistribution of pigment such that it acts on final melanin content (increased in the head and black ring) as well as on psittacin (increased) as we all know Indian Ringneck Information Page Mutation Breeding: The Green plumage is the original color of this bird species; although some mutations have occurred in the wild. Most colors, however, have been produced in captivity, and breeders are eager to produce the rarer color or even new mutations, for which buyers are willing to pay more Ringneck Parrot Mutations Please note : WHWT stands for White Head White Tail (or cleartail) mutations. When Turquoise (pastel) or Emerald is added to this mutation the head colour of the males turns golden yellow Ringneck Colour Varieties. Colour breeding or mutation breeding of any bird really facinates me. In this section I will show some of the many colour varieties of the Indian Ringneck (Psittacula krameri manillensis). On the photos I have given the new name as well as the old or commonly known name of each colour

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2020 Indian Ringneck Mutations . Darkblue cleartail split opaline male $1200 . Emeraldblue cleartail Males and Females $200ea. Dark Emeraldblue cleartail Male $300ea. Violetblue Cleartail Male $120. Emeraldblue split cleartail female $100. Darkblue Cleartail female $10 Indian Ringneck Parakeets are an extremely popular choice of pet. Further complicating the issue is the fact that color names may differ by species. It's mind-boggling, Cusick said. For example, the opaline mutation in the red-rumped parrot is the same as the yellow-sided green-cheeked conure, the rose Bourke's parrot, and the pearl. That would be the lovely Opaline Cleartail Indian Ringnecks in the full colour range, working towards Cinnamon Opaline Cleartail Indian Ringneck, which we should breed this year! We are also working on the rarest Indian Ringneck mutation in Australia, the magnificent Dilute Indian Ringneck, which are simply a stunning bird and have a very.

MUTATIONS - AGAPORNIS COLOR MUTATIONS. THE PICTURES BELOW ARE FROM BREEDERS AROUND THE WORLD WHO WANTED TO SHARE THEIR BEAUTIFUL BIRDS WITH US, WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR SHARING WITH US . Psittacus Forli Show 2014 - bird owned by Fabio Baesi, photo courtesy Fabio Baesi. Psittacus Forli Show 2014 - bird owned by Fabio Baesi, photo courtesy. There are four types of genetic inheritence in Ringneck Parakeets: Recessive: To produce offspring of this inheritence, both parent birds must carry the mutation either visually or in split (hidden) form. To produce a split to a recessive mutation simply breed a visual example of the mutation (male or female) to a mate of any other color Psittacula krameri [Scopoli 1769]. Ring-necked Parakeet. Psittacula k. manillensis (Bechstein 1800). Indian Ring-necked Parakeet. Green. Wild-type. Description. Body: General green; greyish tinge on breast. Tail: Bluegreen with yellowish tip. Head: Green, brighter around the beak; neck ring black with rose in cocks. Beak/Feet: Red upper mandible, black lower mandible; grey feet, black nails Welcome to the Plumhead Mutations website. This site should help people understand the differences between the colours in Plumheads, as some are similar. I am currently trying to breed pied combinations, and Plumheads with more red on them with the use of opaline. In the future I hope to obtain some blue Plumheads however the price is high

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Dec 6, 2017 - Explore Ainslie Horwood's board Indian ringneck mutations, followed by 274 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about pet birds, parrot, parakeet 2021 Indian Ringneck mutations 2021 Indian ringneck mutations available. 2 blue/opalinepossible CT males 2 double split to opaline and Cleartail males 1 Blue Cleartail hen Dm for more info call/txt Shipping available..

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Mutations: Blue Grey Greygreen opaline/blue Green opaline/blue Green opaline/blue/dilute Lutino Opaline Dilute Greygreen cinnamon Greygreen Pictures below....2020 babies . 1-0 '18 Indian Ringneck Emerald Violet/Cleartail 0-1 '18 Plumhead Lutino . 15/04/2019 . Mature Opaline Dilute C**k I have some additional split opaline males and a couple of opaline crossover hens I'm selling. Males. 2014 Turqouise/op/lacewing potentially split cinnamon 1000. 2014 blue / opaline / lacewing 1000. 2014 Green / opaline / blue 800. 2014 Greygreen /.. WARNING! If you read this text your browser is not capable to correctly use and display CSS. Therefore you do not see the optimal full graphics of this page!! Pair of Opaline(pallid) Quakers male green split opaline and possible blue and female is opaline they are both 3 and proven $400 Ringneck king of fla is back with your best in ringneck mutations 4 voilets $550 each 1 turq violet $650 1 turq pied... Pets and Animals Miami 550 $ View pictures

Opaline Macaws For Sale - Mutations of the Blue And Yellow Macaws. Buy Opaline Mutation Macaws for sale online at heavenparotsav.co OPALINE, CINNAMON, INO, PALLID Top Previous Next This menu opens the Variety Combination Window containing a list of all possible genetic combinations involving the sex linked varieties of Opaline, Cinnamon, Ino, and Pallid. To change the parent bird description, click the mouse on the desired item in the list and press SELECT/DONE Ringneck Annual Report. For PASA members with Ringneck Certificates to lodge their annual reports. Download Now. Ringneck Certificates. List of PASA members with certification of exemption to keep Ringnecks. Download Now. Mutation Certificate. Breeders Certificate for certification of mutations. Download Now Opaline is a kind of mutation which occurs in peach faced lovebirds. That's why we compiled it too in the lovebird mutation guide. It's a pure patterned mutation. It changes the colour of the places which are predictable and creates intricate new patterns

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  1. Body Color Suffusion: The body color should not be on the head or wing markings of any mutation (except for opaline) of a well marked budgie. From Left To Right- (1-2) Sky Blue, Normal (3-4) Cobalt Blue, Normal (5-6) Mauve, Normal. Dark Factors In Blue: Blue budgies come in 3 different shades or dark factors, sky, cobalt and mauve
  2. 0-1 matured breeding ready Lutino Ringneck. 0-1 Lutino Ringneck (2019) Contact Bennie VorsterNewcastle on 0832775110 / bennie@bmb.co.za. 23/11/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: 1-0 Lutino ringneck 0825865533. 23/11/2020: To swap/Te ruil: Opaline Ringnek wyfies teruil vir wkws mannetjies. Blou en groen Opaline wyfies bekikbaar. Kontak my indien u belang stel.
  3. There are at least 32 primary mutations in the budgerigar, enabling hundreds of possible secondary mutations and color varieties! One of my all time personal favorite mutation combinations is pictured below — I call it a Rainbow Spangle. Toto, a budgie raised by us, is a yellow-face type 2 sky-blue opaline spangle
  4. FOR SALE. FOR SALE. QUAKER PARROTS mutations - opaline, blue and green, split opaline cocks, lotions, pallid, cobalts, mauves and grey-green. TWENTY-EIGHT PARROTS mutations - yellows, whites and blue split yellows. CONTACT DEAN: 0434 021 921. E-MAIL DEAN. SUPERB PARROTS 2020 bred, DNA sexed cocks, aviary bred and parent raised
  5. The mutation has only been discovered in Agapornis Fisheri and possibly Indian Ringnecks thus far. Sex-linked slate (sl): Used for a sex-linked recessive mutation altering the comlete internal arrangement of the medullary cells, the pigment granules and the spongy zone within feather barbs of the entire plumage

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  1. The opaline budgie and pearl cockatiel exhibit much the same melanin deficiency pattern in the feathers and both are also genetically sex-linked. Conversely, the mutation called Fallow is said to be recessive in cockatiels but sex-linked in Green Cheeked conures - how confusing
  2. 2 young quaker mutations. Hatched April 20,2 21, one is a turquoise 425, and I was told the other one was either a turquoise grey opaline or a blue opaline View Detail
  3. I'd like an Indian ringneck. but here are the most common. Sometimes mutations have different names depending on the species. For instance, in green cheek conures, opaline/pearl is called yellow-sided. opaline (pearl in cockatiels, yellow-sided in green cheek conures) pallid; This cockatiel has two sex-linked genes: cinnamon and.
  4. t and so on. From the first Greencheeks our interest grew to Pacific Parrotlets in all different colors (green, yellow, blue, fallow, white and pastels), Senegal Parrots, Meyers Parrots, Blue Crown Conures, Nanday Conures, Crimson Bellied.

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23 Indian Ringneck Blue / Opaline Blue Turq Opaline 1-1 24 Indian Ringneck Violet Green Opaline 1-0 25 Indian Ringneck DgreenViolet/Buttercup 1-0 26 Indian Ringneck Violet Grizzle Pied (USA) 0-1 27 Indian Ringneck Violet Opaline Turq 0-1 28 Indian Ringneck Violet Buttercup 0- The Indian Ringneck Parakeet has been a long time favorite for bird lovers! white, yellow and pied mutations have been bred in captivity.Males have a striking black ring with pink and pale blue outer rings while Females lack the facial and collar bands although some have rings but they are generally very pale and hard to see. Immature birds. Beautiful Male Indian Ringneck Parakeet. -. $1,050. Meet Balla! The sweetest male Indian Ringneck Parakeet ever. He's a snuggle bug and he's in training, learning to talk and ride on a shoulder. Bala is one of my absolute favorite parrots to work with, he's very willing and and calm for a ringneck. His color mutation is Opaline, which is. Black Cap Conure, Opaline $850. Crimson Bellied Conure $850. Green Cheek Conures $495 and up Severe Macaw- $3295 Quaker Parrots. Green Mutations- $395-$495. Blue Mutations- $595-$695. Lutino/Albino- $750. With as many primary and secondary mutations as are now available to the average Ringneck breeder, a basic working knowledge of genetics is important. There are four types of genetic inheritence in Ringneck Parakeets: Recessive: To produce offspring of this inheritence, both parent birds must carry the mutation either visually or in split.

PH: 225.658.0170 (LA) Email: mjohns14154@cox.net Last updated 11/30/07 . SPECIALIZING IN RARE AND NEW COLOR MUTATIONS . Color Mutation of Indian Ringnecks, Lovebirds, Bourke's Parakeets, and Red-Rumped Parakeet Indian Ringneck Blue / Opaline x Blue Opaline 1-1 Nee Nee 14-14 Indian Ringneck Violet Green Opaline 0-1 Nee Nee 2014 Indian Ringneck DgreenViolet/Buttercup x Violet grissel Pied (USA) 1-1 Nee Nee 14-14 Indian Ringneck Violet Opaline Turq 0-1 Nee Nee 201 Step 1. Check that your lovebirds have enough space. As lovebirds love to fly and move around, always provide the most space possible. Your lovebirds will be much happier in a roomy environment that lets them live more naturally. The minimum amount of space for one lovebird is 24 inches (60 cm) wide by 14 inches (35 cm) deep by 30 (76 cm. These goldens macaws for sale online originated from a normal colored pair of blue and gold macaws raised from chicks. The goldens were a surprise after breeding the pair for 4 years, having normal colored babies. We've consistently been experimenting with the goldens and are able to breed a true golden line - golden to golden Parrot Stars is an exotic bird store that specializes in exotic parrots. We breed, hand feed, hand tame, and socialize a wide variety of avian species. We treat our breeder birds with the same amount of love and respect as our chicks and adopted adult birds. All of our birds receive spacious and clean housing, nutrient-rich food, and constant love and attention from our highly trained staff

Color Mutations Mutations are extremely rare and few have been established. Cinnamon, opaline, yellow, and several forms of blue have been observed. As Pets. Plum-headed parakeets are not frequently kept as companion birds, however it is understood that they make excellent pets 446 THE OPALINE PALE FALLOW GREEN PEACH-FACED LOVEBIRD By Dirk Van Den Abeele This beautiful mutation is challenging to establish. 464 FLAMINGO RITUAL AT WELTVOGELPARK WALSRODE INDIAN RINGNECK.

Bird breeder in Arlington, TX - Small Aviary specializing in handfed, spoiled babies. Work in Veterinary Field, so I only raise a few at a time to provide lots of attention. Specializing in spoiled rotten babies in Crimson Belly Conures, Greencheek Conures- Dilutes, Hi Red, Turquoise, Yellowside and Cinnamon Mutations. Bourkes- Rosey ( Opaline), Fallows, Rubino, and Lutino for sale, Two-year-old grey males and females available for $35 each. One of each two-year. Americanlisted has classifieds in Los Angeles, California for dogs and cats. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cat

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RINGNECK MUTATIONS- OPALINE SPLIT CLEARTAILS Amaroo Aviaries RICHMOND SYDNEY, NSW 26 Jun 2021 RINGNECKS OPALINE CLEARTAIL PAIRS CLEARANCE SALE Amaroo Aviaries RICHMOND SYDNEY, NSW 26 Jun 2021 Dilute King Parrots MVBirds Taree, NSW 26 Jun 2021 Peachfront Conure Cock bird. Ringneck and other Keet Street Lord Derby's parakeet mutations I'm trying to get him to give me a picture so I can post it and try to figure out what the mutation is. We thought Lutino, or maybe opaline but that doesn't seem to be it. I'll post a picture if he gives me one Indian ringneck parrots. birds of a different feather. Phone: 850-900-6279 10399 cedar creek dr (normal and opaline), Crimson Bellied conures and Green Cheek conures. Family raised, socialized, closed banded and DNA sexed. Lineolated mutations Violet Indian Ringnecks Java Rice Birds, pied, normal and white. Lories of Chattering & Dusky in Red & Yellow phase. Australian of Mallee Ring-necked, Cloncurry,Kings, Major Mitchell's, Galahs. Asiatis of Alexandrine, Indian Ring-necked, Moustache. Conure of Suns, Nanday,Sunday, Crimson-bellied & Green Cheeked & their Mutations. 0418 592 729

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  1. Ringneck parakeet mutations Ringneck parakeet mutations. Ringneck Parrots. Proven cobalt-grey split opaline cock born 13 £260 Violet cock and hen born 2020 £230 each (brother and sister) Sky blue hen possible split buttercup born 2020 £200 All nice calm birds Stevenage. 239 days ag
  2. Ringneck parakeet mutations Ringneck parakeet mutations. Ringneck Parrots. Proven cobalt-grey split opaline cock born 13 £260 Violet cock and hen born 2020 £230 each (brother and sister) Sky blue hen possible split buttercup born 2020 £200 All nice calm birds Stevenage. 235 days ag
  3. As hobby breeders and parrot lovers, we generally house medium-to-small birds. Hover your cursor over the upper right 'Meet the Flock' tab to see a fly-out list of all the wonderful feathered friends we share our lives with daily! The list includes: African Greys, Green Cheek Conures, Sun Conures, Black Cap Conures, St. Thomas (Brown Throated) Conures, Quaker Parakeets, Lovebirds, Indian.
  4. e the genetic cause for an unusually 'bleached' Green Opaline indian ringneck juvenile. Advice from other experienced ringneck breeders suggests misty as the culprit. I am inclined to agree given that, in the Bastiaan book, misty is described as a bleaching gene. An y advice would be much appreciated

There are a variety of beautiful Golden Mantle Rosella Mutations including Pastel, Opaline (Firey), Cinnamon and Lutino. These mutations can be combined to produce further mutations such as Cinnamon-Lutino or by far the most striking Rubino which is a combination of Opaline and Lutino. Ringneck Parakeets are growing in popularity among. Combination of mutations that can eliminate wing patterns in fischeri opaline. Opaline has always been favored for its pattern on its wings, as well as its sable head. The beginning of the appearance of the opaline gr... Lovebird Mutations. April 14, 2020 Certainly requires a Euwing mutation to obtain the results of the Euwing Opaline mutation. Euwing can also be combined with Pale Fallow to increase melanine levels, so it will appear darker when a combination of Euwing Pale Fallow occurs. But not only that, Euwing is a type of mutation that is very suitable combined with any mutation In the opaline the melanin is relocated so that no black undulation remains visible in the hind neck and the mantle of the bird. The normal basic body colour now appears (opaline budgerigar). In the laced and the pearl mutation melanin is relocated in such a way that the edges of the feathers change in colour (lacewing budgerigar, pearl cockatiel) Mutated Indian Ringneck Parrots: hodad66 4: sheikhtalha786 10 years ago new to the group: Mon@rch 1: jvverde 15 years ago This group is exclusively for the photos of animal mutations (albino, lutino, red, blue, gray, opaline, Cinnamon, etc).

indian ringnecks for sale Houston ,sun cunures for sale Houston, quaker mutations for sale Houston, hybrid macaws for sale Houston ,cockatoo, palladino, crossover, opaline, pallid, love birds, albino quaker Houston, lutino quaker Houston indian ringneck. scarlet macaw The mutation pages have pictures when available to help understand the color more so than just a bunch of words on a page, I'm a visual learner, And I personally have some learning disabilities, with comprehending being one of them, So I chose to write these pages up, in ways that I was able to understand,grasp and wrap my head around how the.

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Fischer's Mutations: Albino, Lutino, Yellow, White. Fischer's lovebirds are a completely different species from Peachfaces. These birds also come in a variety of colors, from the wild-type green to the dramatic lutino and captivating albino. I have found these birds to be extremely gentle, even if they haven't been handled regularly The Bird Barn of South Texas. Phone: 956-279-8560. 11812 Rooth Rd. Edinburg, TX 78541. Small breeder in South Texas. Specializing in Cockatiels (many beautiful mutations), Green Cheek Conures, Sun Conures, and Indian Ringneck Parakeets. We also breed Blue Crowned Conures and Double Yellow Head Amazons Sometimes mutations have different names depending on the species. For instance, in green cheek conures, opaline/pearl is called yellow-sided. Two ringneck chicks, one with red eyes (pallid) an done with dark eyes (normal) Description: Beautiful Ringneck Mutations ————— Company Name: REHAN PARROT WORLD Contact Name: ZAHEER ELLAHI Tel: 0826483866 Email: zaheerellahi@rocketmail.com Area: STANGER Specialty: African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Macaws Description: BREEDERS OF EXOTIC PARROTS FOR PET HOMES AND FOR BREEDERS. ————— Company. mutation g­alahs,mous­tache,etc ­etc­ JET 26T harris park, NSW 07 Jul 2021 Kakariki sell out - Blues, Fallows and Pieds lukestone88 Yarramundi, NSW 07 Jul 2021 Emerald blue Cleartail opaline Ringneck lukestone88 Yarramundi, NSW 07 Jul 2021 Blue Fronted Amazon and Black Headed Caiques lukestone88 Yarramundi , NSW 07 Jul 2021.

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indian ringnecks for sale Houston ,sun cunures for sale Houston, quaker mutations for sale Houston, hybrid macaws for sale Houston ,cockatoo, palladino, crossover, opaline, pallid, love birds, albino quaker Houston, lutino quaker Housto Indian ringnecks for sale green with blue tail85 w. Hunter, New South Wales. $ 85. Indian ringnecks for sale green with blue tail85 white hen 150 the violet split white male 160 please call 7244, 1276398793 Neumann's Ringneck is a little larger than the Indian Ringnecks and African ringneck,narrow band at the nape, grey coloring that appears on their breasts and abdomen, lower beak black.Neuman's ringnecks are sexually dimorphic, which means the males and females can be easily differentiated from each other. African subspecies. Turquoise Green-cheek hen with normal male : Turquoise mutation Green-cheek: Crimson Bellied (P.p. perlata): Painted (P.p.picta Mutation Mode of inheritance Wild-type Mutant ; NSL ino: recessive: a + a: bronze fallow (FKA recessive cinnamon) recessive: a + a bz: blue* recessive: bl + bl: turqoise blue* multiple allele of the bl-locus: bl + bl tq: clearhead fallow (FKA buttercup) recessive: cf + cf: cleartail (FKA yellowhead yellowtail) recessive: ct + ct: darkfactor.

Mutations of the Button Quail by Garrie Landry and Chris Rogers all color mutations in this species, good text, pics The Opaline Factor by Clive Hesford about opaline Breeding Indian Ringneck Mutations by Linda Greeson basics, no pic Step 6. Breed your ringneck parrots. Ringneck parrots tend to breed in the winter, between December and February. However, cold weather can sometimes cause problems with the eggs, so if you want to breed your birds in warmer weather, don't put a nesting box into the aviary until springtime. Advertisement Welcome to PASA. The official website for the Parrot Breeders Association of Southern Africa. The Parrot Breeders' Association of Southern Africa (PASA) is a membership organisation with the main aim of protecting and promoting the interests of its members and to deliver a service to them. Kliek hier om die webblad in Afrikaans te besigtig Bird and Parrot classifieds. Browse through available red rumped parakeets for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues

The rosy Bourke's parakeet mutation (opaline) is generally bright pink. It is common and sought-after mutation because it is so stunning. In the rosy mutation, there is no difference in coloring between the sexes, so DNA-sexing or behavior traits are relied upon to determine sex. Rubino Bourke's are a mutation of Rosy and Lutino Bourke's Apr 6, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Darlene Wheeler. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres The Lutino. This truly lovely and colourful variety of the Quaker parrot happens because of a lack of melanin production and as such there is no darker pigment evident in a bird's plumage that can interact with the blue as such the resulting colour is yellow. Both parent birds need to have the mutation for their young to be the same Parakeets. South West. Description stunning cream and cream pied kakarikis for sale, 3-4 months old, lovely birds hens and cocks available, £130 each. Pictures to follow, please call Pete on 07525 395970 for more info, NO TEXTS they wi. See details

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Turquoisine parakeet ( Neophema pulchella) An autochthon (indigenous native) of eastern Australia, Turquoisine parakeets prefer to live at the edges of woodlands and pastures. Deforestation threatens their natural habitat, and these eight-inch parakeets are now fully protected by Australian law. Most Turquoisines choose to fly in pairs or small. Lutino Peach-faced lovebirds for sale are active, playful, and amusing. They are intelligent little birds and make a wonderful companion and friend. The Lutino mutation is a sex-linked gene. In the mutation process, melatonin is removed, allowing the pigments of yellow and red to show. Size: about 6 - 7 in length

May 22, 2020 - Registreer nu je domeinnaam vanaf €1,- per jaar. Mijndomein.nl de grootste en meest betrouwbare hoster van Nederland Smallest Parrot Species by Size. Almost the size of the smallest bird in the world, the hummingbird, Buff-faced Pygmy Parrots are a little bigger than the size of an adult human's thumb. Measuring around 3 inches from beak to tail, they can only be seen in the forests of New Guinea and on the island of New Britain in the Australian continent Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Ringneck Parrots. AZCITYPARROTS DOT COM HANDFED LOVEBIRDS START $50 HANDFED PARROTLET START $125 HANDFED LUTINO COCKATIELS $55 Two... Pets and Animals Gilbert 50 $. View pictures

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(21.5.2019) - Dilute mutation added for Pyrrhura Molinea and recesive grey for Quoker Parrot; 2016 (15.9.2016) - According to the international standard - recesive mutation called edge_dilute was renamed to marbled - mb in all species. (8.9.2016) - Major update of new mutations across species! more. Scientific name: Psittacula krameri manillensis Distribution: The Rose-ringed Parakeet, which includes the Indian Ringneck and the African Ringneck subspecies, is the most widely scattered member of the race of parrots and is spread throughout Asia and parts of Africa. They are found in India, China, Ceylon, Africa, Tibet, Nepal and many adjacent islands Bourke's parakeet is a nomadic species native to Australia. Their habitat spans much of the continent including Queensland; New South Wales; and central, southern, and western Australia. Their principal habitat is the dry plains, but they also live in native cypress and eucalyptus woodlands. Wild birds also live in urban areas

We ship babies, Adult birds, and parrot eggs to any accessible area worldwide. we employ the latest techniques to produce healthy offspring and fertile eggs. With an output of over 100 eggs per week, we can supply you with different species at moderate prices. We also have incubators, Brooders, Cages for sale at wholesale prices Description: The Plum-headed Parakeet belongs in the Psittacula genus, that are known as Ringneck Parakeets. This genus has the distinguishing characteristic of a colored collar going around the head in the males, or a pronounced stripe running through the chin area. The Plum-headed Parakeet male has a plum colored head with a narrow, black.

Quaker parrots (or monk parakeets) are known for their charming, comical personalities and their willingness to learn human speech.It is an excellent choice for bird lovers who want all the fun of a large parrot in a smaller package. They are a popular pet, good for dedicated beginners, and adapt well to living in a human flock setting Explore 6 listings for Baby indian ringneck for sale at best prices. The cheapest offer starts at $ 150. Up for sale are 2 pairs of indian ringneck mutations pair 1 bonded pair, cobalt opaline male and blue lacewing pallid female both birds have (for non-violet mutations) for a tame ringneck fully weaned and dna sexed with certificate. Description Proven hen 10+ years old bred many times for me nice size bird with big wing patches on good seed and fruit diet. I will also consider swapping for a cock bird if any one interested. No time wasters

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This Pin was discovered by Hayley Westcott. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest Skip to content. Beranda; Sarana dan Prasarana. Kampus FMIPA; Perpustakaan; Asrama Mahasiswa; Masjid dan Musholl With the multiple mutations lovebird olx, lovebird opaline, lovebird or budgie, lovebird or cockatiel, lovebird or lovebirds, lovebird or parrotlet, Talking Pet Parrot in the world!, African Grey Talking parrot, Blue-Fronted Amazon, Double Yellow Head Amazon, Indian Ringneck, Monk Parakeet, The parakeets Budgerigar,. Opaline Macaws for sale Hatch date:10/01/2019 Length:76cm-100cm (30in-39in) Weight:0.9kg-2kg (2lbs-4.4lbs) Banded: Yes DNA Sex: Males/Females Talking ABility: Yes $ 6,900.00 $ 6,800.0 The only ringneck mutation I can think that may work for what I am looking for is the turquoise mutation and even that is mostly blue and with the green too dark. I am aware of a few much rarer mutations, aquas, emeralds, clearheaded and such and combinations thereof